Logan, Utah Bike ShopSunrise Cyclery:

Sunrise Cyclery bike shop is located in the heart of Logan, Utah. Jeff Keller open the shop in 1981 and it has been a central part of Logan’s cycling culture ever since. The bike shop has been part of bringing epic events to Cache Valley like the LoToJa Classic, a 206 mile one day road race from Logan to Jackson Hole Wyoming. With over 50 years combined experience in the bike industry, Sunrise Cyclery is Logan’s bike authority!





Polar Roll

Polar Roll:

In the early 2000′s Jeff Keller, known for being outgoing and challenging the status-quo, decided to ride to the North Pole by bicycle, a feat that is rarely accepted. This trip proved to be a catalyst for his design principles and practices – even in the face of failure. In 2004, a Cycling Utah article highlighted Jeff during this time of exploration and adventure







Sideview of Z-OX SlatwallZ-OX Slatwall Solutions:

Good ideas, really good ideas, start with a design.

Z-OX is designed to be the simplest, strongest, and most customizable wall-storage solution around. Heavy duty and durable, Z-OX holds much more than the average weight of standard pegboard or slatwall. It saves floor space, and increases usable retail area. Use one or both sides, Z-OX is double-sided and scalable.



Blip TubesBlip Tubes™:
We founded Blip Tubes™ with one thing in mind – solutions. Bicycle inner tubes, and most notoriously – the presta valve stem – has made easy and efficient bike riding, unreliable and difficult. With Blip Tubes™ and the Mr. Stubby™ Twist-In Valve Core™, riders don’t need to worry about getting a flat and not having the correct tools to get rolling again. Mr. Stubby™ and Blip Tubes™ are a unique solution to a long standing problem.

Most companies believe in profit over ethics. We take pride in finding reusable solutions for our packaging and products. The Blip Tube™ bags are cotton and hemp and can be used as wallets, potpourri danglers, and seed pouches. The plastic Mr. Stubby™ packages are a great backup waterproof wallet. We take sustainability seriously, and offer a bag buyback program for our customers.





Mr. Stubby Presta Valve AdapterMr Stubby™ Presta Valve Adapter:

Faster, stronger, and more accurate. Get rid of presta valves, and “Twist-In” a Mr. Stubby™ Schrader Valve Core. Unlike other “adaptors”, Mr. Stubby™ converts the presta valve core, allowing riders to check PSI, add sealant, and add air from every gas station pump across the country. For racers, Mr. Stubby™ is quicker to inflate than a presta valve. Just put the Co2 on and inflate!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Mr Stubby™ changes everything. Buy one, and don’t worry about presta valves anymore!





Onza/NADS SeatpostNADS/Onza Seatpost:

Lighter, Stronger, Faster

The NADS/Onza Seatpost is quick to adjust, comfortable, powerful, and efficient. One of the world’s only tool-less seatposts, NADS was licensed and marketed by Cane Creek in the 1990’s. Designed in Logan, Utah by Jeff Keller, the NADS/Onza seatpost is a unique idea that simplifies and makes a complicated component simpler.


Velo Spot HangersVelo Sport Hangers:

Velo Sport Hangers™ are the only hangers in the world made from actual bike bits. The natural curve of a bicycle rim creates a broad hanging surface that wipes out “hanger nipples” or “stretch marks” on your favorite clothes. Your clothes will never look better or be more fun to hang up. Express your passion, hang with Velo Sport Hangers™.




The Golf HangerThe Golf Hanger:

Made from a high quality stainless steel 3-iron with a custom made chrome plated steel shaft and a soft rubber Pro Model Golf Grip, this hand-welded hanger is no dime a dozen lightweight.  Granted, it’s an odd duck, but the Golf Hanger™ is not trying to fly in the same flock as the ubiquitous bulk department store hangers we are all too familiar with. This hanger is a work of art, a choice gift for family and friends who have fallen in love with golf or an elegant trophy for the competitor at a tournament.





Adjustable CranksetAdjustable Crankset:

Designed for aiding in bicycle fit sessions, the adjustable crankset measures the correct crank arm length for any particular rider. Currently in use by Calfee and Purely Custom, Jeff’s adjustable crankset is being applied in many uses.






Blip SeatsBlip Seats:

Made from repurposed mountain bike tires and tubes, the Blip Seat™ turns the product cycle on its head. Instead of filling up landfills, these tires and tubes now serve as comfortable furnishings. They can be stuffed with just about anything, starting with the packing materials they are shipped in, bubble wrap, paper, or clean, capped plastic bottles.

Rethink reuse, and be comfortable while you do it in your blip seat. Handmade in Logan, Utah, each Blip Seat™ can be ordered with tire tread out or tire tread in.




Blip Gardening PotsBlip Pots:

These super creative and recycled gardening containers are made from reclaimed (upcycled) mountain bike tires.  They are lightweight, nearly indestructible and very easy to use – perfect for the DIY homesteader.  Just place them where you want to create your garden, line them with twigs, pack them with soil, add the plants you want to grow, and viola…you’re a gardener!

All you have to do is water, and then enjoy the pleasure of harvesting your own bounty.